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Dear Friend,

All of us at Life 88.5 are deeply honored to carry forward the faithful Kingdom-building work of KJNW in the Kansas City area—work that you have made possible through your prayers and loyal support.

Life 88.5 has become an outreach of the University of Northwestern – Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Northwestern began its broadcast ministry in 1949 when Rev. Billy Graham, then president of the college, signed our flagship station KTIS-FM on with a prayer of dedication.  Since then, God has opened doors through a total of 15 music and talk stations across the Midwest and through resources available online, reaching millions of people with the love of Jesus Christ.

The ministry strategy we’ll use in the Kansas City area will be based on Jesus’ own strategy.  In Mark 4:33–34 we learn, “With many similar parables Jesus spoke the word to them, as much as they could understand.  He did not say anything to them without using a parable.  But when he was alone with his own disciples, he explained everything” (niv).

Here at Life 88.5we use music in the same way Jesus used parables.  Music can share the Gospel in a way that’s attractive to a broad audience, from people who are simply scanning the radio dial to committed Christ-followers.

Then by live-streaming our talk (Faith Radio) network through our Web site and providing other resources online, we draw listeners into a further knowledge of Christ through solid Bible teaching.  It is our hope that you will turn to these resources when you need encouragement during challenging times, wisdom about family relationships or even help to grow spiritually.  And you can share these with others!

Our most important commitment to you is that we will be deeply involved in the local Kansas City community.  We will:

  • Carefully tailor the uplifting music for the tastes of local listeners
  • Create community events, concerts and other outreaches
  • Seek local staff who are eager to invest themselves in your churches and events
  • Give the many outstanding Christian ministries in the area a platform on our station to raise awareness, support and volunteers

In the end, we view this mission in your community as an opportunity both to serve God and to serve you.  If you have more questions about Northwestern Media or Life 88.5, please read more online at life885.com.  I also want to invite you to visit our teaching ministry at myfaithradio.com today.  We hope and pray that you will join us for exciting days ahead!

Until the whole world hears,

Dave E. Gordon

Station Manager

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