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A word waltz

The old man catches me in the back of the sanctuary, where I’m straightening church bulletins, pencils and childrens’ Quiet Bags. He shuffles his feet, asks how Bible memory is going for the Sunday School children. But perhaps he’s asking if I’m hiding verses in my soul, too? His name is Helmer. He’s…


A resolution worth keeping

I am convinced that gifts that remind us of the giver are the greatest gifts of all. Take this coffee cup for instance. This gift was given to me for Christmas. It has pictures of my four wonderful grandchildren on it. I am convinced that it will make me smile every time I use it. To quote an old cliche, “It’s the gift that keeps…


Why scripture memory matters

Years ago when my husband and I served as volunteer youth pastors, we engaged our students in an interesting exercise. As soon as the students walked in the door and sat down we said, “Okay, find a spot in the room where you’re by yourself. Nobody can be within ten feet of you. Pretend you’ve been yanked out of your…

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