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Retirement planning

If you and I are going to truly enjoy living in the third trimester of our lives, we need to have invested in a sound body and a clear mind; just as in finances, time is a critical factor.



Planning for retirement

We've got expert advice on putting our retirement plans in order - as well as leaving a legacy and finishing well.


Four financial points to ponder

What comes to mind when you think about your finances? Rent, loans, food, savings, and entertainment are commonly associated with money. However, there is more to your finances than these things. Here are four aspects of your financial life that you may not be considering. Retirement Do you know where you want to live or what you…


Maximizing your federal tax refund

Tax season is upon us and with it many questions of whether or not we’re “doing it right.” Deductions, credits, receipts, forms…you don’t need to be a tax attorney to know that it can sometimes get confusing. One of the most common questions is how to maximize your federal tax refund. Below, we’ve outlined one possible way to increase…


Common retirement planning mistakes

While we can learn a lot from our own mistakes, we can learn from the mistakes of others, too — this is true in life and true in retirement planning as well. Below are three common retirement-planning mistakes that you can learn from as you prepare for your own retirement. Not saving earlier Starting to save for retirement earlier…


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