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Just as you are

It happened nearly five years ago. I had been divorced for five years, wayward, empty and had made too many bad decisions. No drugs, no alcohol, I was a sinner and made bad decisions. I was not angry, oh no, my Lord had been so good to me. I just wasn’t available to Him. But over time He drew my heart to Him. He used people to mentor me and I became…


Rising negative tide towards Christians

As a kid back in the 60’s, my Sunday school teacher Earl Palmquist said to something to me that I’ve never forgotten. It’s a long time ago, but I have a vivid memory of that morning in the basement, by the kitchen at Brooklyn Center Baptist Church.  Mr. Palmquist told our class, there will come a day, perhaps in…


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Skillet’s John Cooper on losing faith

One of the biggest cultural trends for Christians to lookout for is to assume that being on the ‘right’ side of an issue is a true sign of righteousness. Author and Pastor Trevin Wax shines a light on the temptation to give into cultural trends. “We find online a lot of what we call ‘virtues signaling,’ where…

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