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2 stories about "Symphony"

  • Erica Standley-Unuavworhuo says:

    This song makes me remember that only through Jesus Christ I can have peace. No matter what He’s here to keep me settled. Hallelujah for the Symphony…

  • Ya-von says:

    100% on point! Life is all about those Ecclesiastes 3 seasons… well, I’m d efinitley in my JOB season… 6 months of hardships!! 2nd time sick since New Year’s Day 2019, still unemployed… 4 big jobs fell through after start dates,,, every bill is in the red, including eviction and car reposession. I desire to start a non profit in 2020 and I know this season is putting my WHY to the test. I’ve even been hustling on the street corner with a cardboard sign and handing out my resume to those who inquire about my situation or hand me cash. I made $10 yesterday!! 4+ years of intensive PTSD therapy and more recently, 4 months clean and sober… taking this recovery from dual diagnosis to a new level. Breaking the cycle is my legacy …this is a symphony that requires an orchestra! ? Girl Squad Kansas City and II on fb.

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