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  • Geraldine Lawson says:

    This song is so beautiful and powerful in it’s spiritual message. It never ceases to catch my attention whenever and wherever I am listening to it and I begin to praise God in my spirit and and joy overcomes me. I give thanks to all those who do good works and praise God in doing it. What a marvelous message of praise and glory to our God in this song and I too begin to glorify our Savior and risen King, Jesus Christ! Please if at all possible could you tell me am I correct that it is one of these three singers that recently had throat surgery and if so which one? I would love to pray personally for him and his healing. You may e-mail me with this response. Thank you and God bless you, always. I am an avid listener since first running across this station over a month ago. Thank you again for this wonderful song ministry we have in Kansas City.

    1. tjjackson says:

      To our knowledge none of the members of Phillips, Craig and Dean have had surgery. Phil Wickham just had throat surgery this past Monday and is recovering. He might be who you’re thinking of.

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