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Pray It Up Lyrics

I don’t want to let another minute fly by
I don’t want to waste another second trying to run my life
Every day you’re giving me the opportunity
To look to you cause you got everything I need
You say ask and I’ll receive

I just gotta pray it up
Give it all to you cause you’re enough
I don’t have to make my own way
I just got to, I just got to pray it up
Kneel down, keep my eyes above
Everything I ask in your name
I can trust you, I just got to Pray

I don’t wanna limit all that you can do
So I’m just gonna move outta the way and make room for you
It’s gonna take a little faith and (some) humility
To look to you and turn my eyes away from me
You say ask and just believe

I will lift my eyes
To the one who rescues me
I will lift my heart
Oh Jesus I believe

Joel Vaughn Music / (Centric Songs / Simply Perfect Tunes) / Centricity Songs

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