Open Hands Video
Open Hands Lyrics

The sweetest sound
The highest praise
Is the letting go of this life You gave
Our greatest prayer
Our act of faith
Is an open hand
Lord, have Your way

Take it all
Every hope
Every dream
Every plan
Take it all
Every weight
All the shame and brokenness
Jesus, I surrender all
Every victory and loss
Take it all
Take it all
‘Til all I have is open hands

A clinching fist
A life of fear
A burden held has no place here
Cause You call me now
To cast it all
On the shoulders of the One who’s strong

I’m not afraid of what I’ll loose
My greatest joy is finding You
Take it all
Take it all
Take it all

Laura Stories (ASCAP) (admin. by New Spring Publishing); CentricSongs / 2 Hour Songs (SESAC) (admin. by Music Services)

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