My Light Video
My Light Lyrics

When I’m out of hope
So Lost and afraid
When I’m in the dark and can’t seem to find my way
When I’m feeling lonely
In the dead of the night
I’Il remember the promise
You will be my light

My light
You will be my light
You will be my
My light when the sun don’t shine
Telling me everything’s gonna be alright alright alright
You will be my light

I’ve tried on my own strength
But I just trip and fall
Put my faith in the wrong things
Turns out after all
You’re the answer for every problem
You’re the grace when I hit the bottom
The lamp unto my feet
Lord Let it shine

You’re the way when my feet can’t find it
You’re the truth when my head is lying
You’re the life when my heart is dying
You will be my light

Robin Sternberg / Freebird Songs / Kobalt (STIM); Johan Lindbrant / Universal Music Publishing AB (ASCAP); Colton Dixon / Colton Dixon Music, LLC (ASCAP); Pete Becker / Sony Music Publishing Scandinavia (STIM); Daniel Sebatian Caplen (PRS); Seth Mosley / M&M College Fund / Sony Music Publishing (SESAC)

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