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Jesus Happened Lyrics

What happened to you
I hear it all the time
They tell me somethings different
In my words and in my eyes
What happened to you
They see it on my face
They’ve got a million questions
All that I can say is

Jesus happened
In a blink of an eye
Every part of my life was changed
Jesus happened
Like a thief in the night
He started taking the lies away
And all my sin was forgiven
The moment I met His grace
That’s when I started living
And all that my heart can say is
Jesus happened

What happened to you
I smile every time I tell them it’s a miracle
like water into wine
Cause everything’s new oh
The old is dead and gone
Redemption is my story
Resurrection is my song
The grave gave way
To life everlasting I’m found
I’m free Raised up from the ashes

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