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I was stacking up the years I spent trading punches with the enemy
Built myself a double thick stone tower of lies, higher than the eye could see
Trapped in this flesh & bone
Crying out to You Lord, I’m desperate
Love come rattle this cage and set me free

All of my fears, like Jericho walls, Gotta come down, come down
All of my fears, like Jericho walls, Gotta come down, come down
Oh Lord, my prison turns to ruin
When Your love moves in
All of my fears, like Jericho walls, Gotta come down, come down Come down

Truth was crashing through the pride and the blame
Cutting straight into the heart of me
Long before I ever called your name
You were fighting for my victory
Carved in Your flesh and bone
Are wounds that have said my souls forgiven
Oh now I can feel the darkness trembling

Rebuild me from the ground up
All I wanna see is You
Terrify the lies with truth

Andrew Ripp - Songs by Fishbone (BMI) Ethan Hulse - EGH Music Publishing / Be Essential Songs (BMI)

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    I am not understanding this song..can you please explain to me why he recorded this..thankyou

    1. tjjackson says:

      Elizabeth the song is based on the story of Jericho from the Bible found in Joshua 6. This is a quote from Andrew Ripp about why he wrote the song.
      The story of Jericho has always been super inspiring to me, which is why I wanted to turn it into a song. The part that really draws me in is when God says to Joshua, “See I have given you the city.” It wasn’t the marching around the walls of Jericho that made them fall, it was the moment Joshua BELIEVED God over his circumstance that the city became his. Marching was just an exercise in faith and obedience. I have found this to be true over many fears that try to steal my freedom. “All of my fears like Jericho walls have gotta come down!” All I need to do is believe what God says over my circumstance and then obey His word.”

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