Hope For America Lyrics

Everybody’s searching for the same thing
From the concrete jungle to the Midwest plain
There’s a hunger inside that drives us on
Looking for a place that feels like home

What we need is hope
Hope that can heal our land
Hope in the Father’s love
Found in the Savior’s hands
What we need is hope
God shed Your grace on us
In You alone we trust
The hope for America

If we come together on our knees and pray
Turn our back from all our wicked ways
The Father has promised to forgive & restore
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord

Home is where your heart is
Your heart is where your hope is
Give your heart to Jesus and you’ll never be alone
No matter where you go
You’ll always have His Hope

Bill Batstone/Raymond Gregory/J. Hanz Ives/Tim Nienhuis/Steve Wiggins © 2012 Batroc Music/ Raymond Gregory/Watermelon Mountain Music/Tim Neinhuis/Steve Wiggins CCLI License No. 215739

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