Holy Spirit Come Video
Holy Spirit Come Lyrics

I’m coming with a heart of worship
I’m bringing in a brand new song
I’m ready to see the unthinkable
I’m ready for a miracle
Hearts praying for a fresh encounter
Souls looking to the living God
I’m ready for a real revival
O Holy Spirit come

Come like a flood
Like a fire
Holy spirit
Fall in this place
Fill our hearts
O Holy Spirit come

We’re on the edge of a new beginning God
We know you have so much more
We’re looking to a new horizon
We’re praying for your rain to pour
An overflowing of true redemption
An overflowing of your kingdom
We’re ready for a real revival

Holy Spirit come
Oh can you feel it
Heaven is reaching
Oh can you hear it
Our God is speaking
Oh can you see it
He’s got your healing
Just receive it
Receive the freedom

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