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Fighting For Me Lyrics

I need the kinda love that can outlast the night
I need the kinda love that is willing to fight

When the going gets tough
And my strength’s not enough
I see You showing up like never before
This battle for my heart
You took on from the start
You are the peace when my mind’s at war
And ohhhhhhhhhhhh

You will never stop fighting for me
When I can’t fight for myself
Every word is a promise You keep
Cause You love me like nobody else
You stand up for me in the darkest night
When my faith is weak You’re still by my side
You will never stop fighting for me
You will never stop fighting for me

In the perfect timing You make all things right
You paint a silver lining in this heart of mine

Your love
Is winning me over
Your heart
Is pulling me closer

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One story about "Fighting For Me"

  • Sheena Roberts says:

    When I feel like giving up because of many things in this world, and I hear this song come on. I know God is fighting for me and I must go on because he will never give up on me, and never stop fighting for me…what a precious God that loves me. This is such a powerful song!

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