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The civil prosecutors at Sanders.Law are lawyers who, collectively, have decades of experience doing justice. The team at Sanders.Law hold accountable reckless, hurtful people, including drunk drivers, corporate bullies, and insurance corporations that refuse to adjust claims with faith and fair dealing. The firm’s founding member, Attorney Steve Sanders, is a seminary trained trial attorney with hundreds of verdicts and settlements under his belt. Mr. Sanders’ legal training and experience makes him a formidable adversary in the courtroom and his seminary training makes him a wise and compassionate counselor to his clients.

Sanders.Law has a multi-year relationship with MADD and has been the primary sponsor of the annual Heroes for the Heartland banquet. At the banquet, MADD honors the most dedicated, hard-working and selfless police officers who have devoted significant time and energy to arresting drunk drivers and getting them off of the streets of our community. Mr. Sanders has also had the honor of representing many families whose lives have been permanently harmed by a drunk driver, including people with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), concussions, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, burn injuries and even families who have lost a loved one to wrongful death.

Big rig trucks, and the corporations that put them on our highways, can also be a source of significant danger. Semi-Truck crashes are typically the very worst type of auto accident. Although not common, a few trucking corporations have dangerous corporate policies that incentivize drivers to work long shifts, driving more hours than they should.  Such drivers often resort to drugs to keep them awake on multi-state long-haul deliveries.  When the drugs begin to wear off, the drivers can quickly fall asleep – even while at the wheel.  An 80,000 lb. truck (40 tons) can run right over a one or two ton car or pickup truck, killing or paralyzing everyone inside.  The best way to prevent this type of mayhem is to hold accountable and responsible the corporations and the individuals who contribute to these kinds of disasters.  The lawyers at Sanders.Law have many years of experience doing exactly that. Many families in our community, including KJNW listeners, have asked the attorney at Sanders.Law to represent them and help them have their day in court. You can join in the experience by contacting them at Sanders.Law or by calling 816-457-6006.



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