I grew up on a farm in Iowa before making the leap to Omaha, NE where I eventually met and married my husband, John-Wesley. I served alongside him in full time ministry as we began our family. We have two adult children, Zaccheus and Grace. We moved to KC over a decade ago and call it home. Our family LOVES pets! We have an Old English Sheepdog named Elvis, and a tuxedo cat named Freddie Mercury.

My faith-walk began when I was 17. My best friend (shout out to RayLynn) invited me to church with her. That is where I learned what it means to be saved and gave my life to Christ.

My radio career actually started later in life. When my children were both in school, I decided to go back myself. I enrolled at Johnson County Community College, took every media class possible, and started working at the college
radio station. (That’s actually where I first met Nathan and began co-hosting the Nathan and Becks Show with him in 2016.) I then worked at 98.1 KMBZ news/talk radio for five years before coming to Life 88.5.