Born and raised in the KC area, grew up on a farm in Wellsville Kansas. Myself, along with my five siblings (I’m #5 of 6), were all homeschooled by our mother. Both parents taught in the church (mom: elementary age, dad: youth) so as you can imagine, strong Christian values were the foundation of my home growing up.

As far as my journey in radio goes, I hadn’t even considered the idea until it was suggested to me by the parent of a close friend (shout-out Mrs. Y). I attended Johnson County Community College where I took as many media-related classes as possible while working for the college radio station (this is also where Rebecca (Becks) and I first met, and our first opportunity to work as co-hosts).

After graduating from JCCC, I went to Springfield, MO for a year where I worked middays at my first Christian radio gig. Eventually I moved back to KC, which is where I plan to stay.

It’s been incredible seeing God work through Life 88.5 through the years, so happy I get to be a little part of it!