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Nathan Reese

Weekdays 5 - 6 am

Born and raised in the KC area, grew up on a farm in Wellsville Kansas. Myself, along with my five siblings (I’m #5 of 6), were all homeschooled by our mother. Both parents taught in the church (mom: elementary age, dad: youth) so as you can imagine, strong Christian values were the foundation of my home growing up. As far as my…

The Good Morning Show

Weekdays 6 - 10 am

Melony - I was born and raised in Fargo, ND (yah, you betcha, uffda!). To this day, my Dad is still amazed I found a way to make a career using my "gift of gab." TJ - I've had a passion for radio ever since I was a little kid falling asleep listening to Royals games on the radio. I was the one who would actually broadcast while playing the old Tecmo Super Bowl games.

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Tracy Leek

Weekdays 10 am - 2 pm

I believe that God uses Christian radio in a powerful way. I pray that He will bless your family and the entire KC community.

Rick Hall

Weekdays 2 - 7 pm

Even as a little boy growing up in suburban Chicago, I dreamed of being on the radio. After finishing school, I packed up my things and realized my love for radio, stopping in cities such as Peoria, Rockford, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

Jenn Pooler

Weekdays 7 pm - Midnight

I fell in love with radio in 2005 and continue to be amazed that God would give me talents and skills to use alongside my passion.  I love music and feel that God uses it to speak directly into our lives.

Jill Mikkelson

Weekends 6 - 11 am

I never knew I would love working in radio as much as I have. Having done missions programs through YWAM (Youth with a Mission), my initial draw to Christian radio was the ministry aspect. After experiencing an on-air role, I was hooked. In my free time, I enjoy ping-pong, Christmas Hallmark movies, football (SKOL!), big family get-togethers,…

Lindsey Capperrune

Weekends 3 - 7 pm

I graduated college from Lincoln Christian University, got engaged to my husband, Adam, got married to him, and had two cutie pie girls all while living those major life moments out on air. I really did grow up on the radio, and I’m always so thankful for how kind you listeners are, my goodness, heaven bless it! So now I’m…

T.J. Jackson

Sundays 11 am - 3 pm

I’ve had a passion for radio ever since I was a little kid falling asleep listening to Royals games on the radio. I’ve been a part of Christian radio in Kansas City for nearly 20 years. Currently the Community Engagement Director for Life 88.5, I also used to be a play-by-play broadcaster for the Kansas City Roos for more…

Melony McKaye

Saturdays 11 am - 3 pm

I was born and raised in Fargo, ND (yah, you betcha, uffda!) Originally interested in meteorology, I got hooked on radio when I started at my college radio station. My radio journey led from Fargo, to St. Cloud, MN, to Minneapolis, to Orlando, and finally Kansas City. As with radio, I began my journey of faith in college.  That was…

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Rebecca Crockett

Sundays 7 pm - Midnight

I grew up on a farm in Iowa before making the leap to Omaha, NE where I eventually met and married my husband, John-Wesley. I served alongside him in full time ministry as we began our family. We have two children, Zaccheus (21), Grace (17). We moved to KC over a decade ago and call it home. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my sheepdog,…

Karli Ritter

Fox 4 Meteorologist

When I'm not in the FOX 4 Weather Center, I enjoy traveling, cooking, fishing, running (three marathons and counting!), spending time on a boat just about anywhere and playing or watching any sport.

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Rebecca Crockett

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Snow Cone with a Cop locations for 2023

Bring your friends and family to share in this effort to make our communities better places to live and get to know those hard working law enforcement officers who serve everyday, all while enjoying a free snowcone!


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