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TJ Jackson


Thanks for the memories David Glass

I never had a chance to meet David Glass personally but he sure played a big role in many of my memories growing up. While in high school I spent countless summer nights under the lights at Kauffman Stadium hoping and dreaming that one day the Royals would achieve the unthinkable, winning a World Championship. In the early 90’s…


Pray for our military

All around the world they serve with a sacrificial love as they fight for our freedom. Together we want to lift up and pray for our military service members!


Brightening Barrow

Imagine darkness that seems to stretch on for days at a time –  67 days (or to be exact 1,608 hours). That’s the reality the residents of Barrow, Alaska face from the third week of November until mid January because the sun never rises. Depression and suicide are far too common in Barrow as many residents seek hope during…


Life 88.5 40 Day Journey of Kindness

Thanks for being part of the Life 88.5 40 day journey of kindness. Our hope is that together we can continue the joy and goodwill that flows so freely during the Christmas season. Each day at around 7:20 am and 5:20 pm, we’ll give you the chance to call 855-474-8850 and share on the air how you’ve extended kindness or what you’ve experienced.…


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