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Pam Lundell

When a scale becomes your idol

Another Miss USA has been crowned. YAY! I don’t know who won but I did hear about a little controversy at the pageant. Apparently Miss Indiana, who made it into the top twenty, was singled out as being NORMAL sized. One tweet called her a “thicker” contestant and then I read the small print she was considered normal…


My second chance at marriage

If you receive a wedding invitation – put the RSVP in the mail the day you get it. You know if you’re going or not. You may be waiting for those replies to come in for your spring or summer wedding like I am and I have to say…getting married this time is so different. I had a beautiful wedding when my late husband and I got…


20 things I wish I’d known in my late twenties

Some GREAT advice here no matter where you are in life. Definitely not just for twenty-somethings — although you may want share with them too! “20 Things I wish I’d known in my Late Twenties”. This part really spoke to me today: “18. Live loved. Wake up every morning and—before you put your feet to…


Second chance at love

8 years ago, August 14th was possibly the worst day of my life. My husband died suddenly and my world was thrown off its axis for quite some time. I came to the decision that I would live out my life trying to be the best person I could be and because of our blended marriage I was blessed with three gorgeous grand-kids so I’d be the best…


Christmas in Heaven

Christmastime is filled with love and light and laughter. You hear the familiar carols and they sing of unspeakable joy…but you may not feel that this year. You’re not alone, so many have lost loved ones recently and going through the Christmas season without them seems unbearable and unthinkable. I’ve been…


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