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Lauren Banik

You vs. time

I don't know about you, but I feel like time and I just don't quite jive most of the time.


Easy back to school savings

Ka-Ching!  You hear the cash registers everywhere ringing up tons of erasers, pencils, and notebooks this time of year!  Doesn’t it seem like summer vacation just flew right on by?  And now, we are back at it restocking the backpacks for the new school year!  You try to scrounge up last year’s remains so you don’t…


“Mom, there’s nothing to do”

Sound familiar!  How can this be?  There are so many things to do as kids, the sky is the limit!  I remember always being busy as a kid, whether it was playing inside or out!  And no, video games and TV does not count 🙂 Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days…sunny, gentle breeze, and 80!  A day that you make it mandatory…


Challenge: Finding modest swimsuits

Two things that women dread shopping for…jeans and swimsuits!  Every year, swimsuit season looms in the background.  You know it’s coming, but try to put it off until the last possible minute!  It’s hard enough to try and stuff yourself into the “perfect” swimsuit, but when you have teenage…


When being a “good” mom goes bad

We all have those decisions to make…are we going to lead or follow?  As adults it is a bit easier to not follow the crowd, we can logically think it through…usually!  But what about when it happens to your child?  Have they had that moment yet where they have to choose if they are going to lead or follow? It starts early…


Is chivalry dead?

Are you raising a Chivalrous boy?  Chivalry was the first word that came to my mind as my husband and I opened a letter from a young man. It was a letter simply asking my husband permission to take my daughter to an event that would be coming up at school.  From the start of the first sentence through the end of the letter, I bet I said “aw…


Clean up in aisle 5!

Do you remember those days when your little ones were a handful in the store?  Even if there was one of you and one of them, that was too much some days!  Maybe you’re in that phase now where you have little ones that love to keep busy while mom is figuring out which bread to buy!  And for a child, it’s not that hard to find…


It’s time for another round of The Blame Game

The other night, an incident that happened a couple years resurfaced at the dinner table.  My husband, one of my daughters, Leigha and I were discussing how Leigha was able to text me when she didn’t have anything to text me with.  She informed me that she used the IPad, which then was followed up by her father asking “well,…


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