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Nine ways to care for your community this summer

1.  Send a card or handwritten note to your neighbor on their birthday 2.  Organize a neighborhood “clean-up” day to pick up trash on the lawns, streets, and curbs 3.  Hold an ice cream social in your backyard and provide the ice cream 4.  Offer to help neighbors during vacations: get mail, water plants, mow lawn,…

Get rid of it

Like many of you, I’m simplifying my life. I’m getting rid of stuff I don’t need, don’t use, can’t take care of or don’t want. Recently I ran across an old letter I’d saved, written by my mother. Throughout my entire life, we had an emotionally destructive relationship. Even as an adult, as a Christian and as a professional counselor,…



Getting Out of Bed in the Morning

Those who have dealt with terrible loss might find themselves struggling to manage some of the most basic things in their daily life. At some point, even getting out of bed might feel like a challenge. Alice Wisler dealt with the loss of her young son and struggled to cope. She’s written about her experiences in her book Getting…


Are you a people pleaser? Or a God pleaser?

Cindy, a lovely and talented woman had a hard time saying “no” to others. She wanted to help, wanted to please and wanted everyone to like her all of the time. This put her in a terrible bind. She often felt others were taking advantage of her kindness or placing unrealistic expectations on their friendship. But, in order to not disappoint…


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