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Grounded in Faith

“That you may”

Offering purpose and demonstrating intentionality,'That you may" puts things in right order. God uses this phrase to get to the heart of what matters in our lives.


The impossible mentor?

Our esteem for Jesus’ life of obedience to the Father and our desire to be “just like Jesus” does battle with the deep-seated notion that it is impossible to be like him.


A gift within you

It cometh in the morning. C.S. Lewis was surprised by it. On deathbeds, people actually choose it. Those who sow in tears now will reap it later. It is our strength; it is our song. It is the one thing that, by some miracle dropped straight from Heaven, our grief can turn into. (John 16:20) It is this: Joy. Where can we find this…



Life 88.5 Morning of Hope & Prayer

We didn’t want you to miss a moment of Melony & Wayne’s Morning of Hope & Prayer, so below are the Pastor’s who shared messages of hope and prayers for the KC area.  You can listen the them again or even share them. Dr. Adam Hamilton from Church of the Resurrection Pastor Derrick Lynch from Blue Valley Baptist…



When your world is rocked: Facing crisis with faith

With the recent events surrounding the KC area, maybe you feel on shaky ground.  Maybe you’re working through a personal crisis of your own.  Melony & Wayne in the Morning on Life 88.5 recently talked with Dwight Bain of Life Works Group.  He is a nationally certified counselor with 30 years experience in crisis intervention. …


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Kansas City Easter events

You'll have a chance to get out and enjoy some family time this Easter season and may even just snap that perfect family picture! The following Churches and Organizations are hosting Easter events this Spring.


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