“What are your three words of encouragement?” That’s what we asked Monday morning on the Good Morning Show, and the response was too good to keep to ourselves. So, here’s some great words to help you through your week:

Shelly: “You got this!”

Bree from Paola: “Never give up.”

Lyla from Cameron: “God loves you.”

Stephanie from Freeman: “Jesus loves you.”

Patty from KCMO: “Jesus loves you.”

Charles from the Northland: “Be God’s Kiddo!”

Emily: “Trust Gods plan.”

Kim from Lawrence: “God’s got this!”

Larry from Leavenworth: “God with you.”

Tami: “God’s with you.”

Susan: “Don’t give up!”

Hannah: “Tomorrow needs You.”

Angie from Piper: “You are Enough.”

Heather: “you have worth.”

Duane from Shawnee: “God’s got you.”

Sharon from Lees Summit: “Died for you.”

Mady: “Always stay positive.”

Sherri: “You are BLESSED.”

Lacy from Blue Springs: “Take a breath.”

Hannah: “You are amazing!”

Angela from Gardner: “Yes He can!”

Lindsay from Gardner: “Look up (my) child.”

Chris from Thrivent: “I am enough.”


Kathy: “Holy Spirit, come.”

Kathy: “God so loved.”

Rebecca: “You are redeemed.”

Rebecca: “Light/love always wins.”

Rick: “I love you.”

Wendy from Raytown: “Try it anyway.”

KJ-13: “Just call someone / say thank you.”

Joe: “Look up child.”

Jill from KCMO: “You are enough.”

Michael from KCMO: “go get Jesus.”

Ms. Alecia: “praying for ya’ll.”

Brad: “Be ye holy.”


If you have three words of encouragement, we would love to see them! Comment them below and add to the list.

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