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You can make a difference around the world!

We invite you to sponsor a child through our partnership with OneChild. As a sponsor you’ll be part of a global community of Child Champions bringing hope to children in some of the world’s hardest places. Your sponsorship will provide holistic care so your sponsored child can overcome barriers and thrive.

OneChild serves more than 40,000 children around the world. They work in many of the hardest places.

Places where others can’t go.
Places where Christians can be persecuted.
Places where gang violence is rampant.
Places where people have been forgotten.
Places where children are suffering.
Places where kids need help the most.

Morning show host, T.J. Jackson, traveled to Honduras with OneChild. He catalogued his time in Honduras with a series of posts and in one post, he said:

“One thing I can tell you without doubt is that the Child Champions, area pastors and One Child workers love Jesus with every fiber of their soul! They work long hours because they know the impact Jesus has in the lives of the kids, their families and community!”

OneChild brings hope to the children in need through four vital tools: faith, education, health, and relationships. Each child is given a voice and gets to have individualized care in all these areas in order to build up a strong community and Church presence for generations to come.

Experience the One Child trip that T.J. Jackson went on through this podcast:


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