Thanks for being part of the Life 88.5 40 day journey of kindness. Our hope is that together we can continue the joy and goodwill that flows so freely during the Christmas season. If you have a story of how kindness changed your day, either through giving it or receiving it, call 855-474-8850 and share what you’ve experienced, or you can share your story below.

Together, we believe we can have a lasting, uplifting impact on all of the KC metro as we purposefully share kindness to make BIG waves of impact into 2022!

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” – Bob Hope

12/27   Brightening Barrow. Send a note to encourage a resident in Barrow, AK.
12/28   Drop off some food or treats to someone you know is single to encourage them.
12/29   Call instead of text day. Call a relative/long lost friend just to say hi.
12/30   Share a sweet day. Bake or bring some extra goodies to give to your co-workers or neighbor.
12/31    Care for someone away from home. Send a care package to a military member serving overseas.
01/01   Pay it forward in the coffee line. Pay for the order of the next person.
01/02   Donate Day. Donate used towels or blankets to pet shelters.

01/03   Start a Piggy Bank Day. Start a piggy bank for a cause that helps someone.
01/04   Say it day. Make it a point to compliment someone today.
01/05   Chore Day. Clean up for someone without being asked to.
01/06   Donate Day. Donate old/extra toys to a family shelter or children’s hospital.
01/07   Count Your Blessings Day. Make a list of five things that you are grateful for.
01/08   Share Your Blessings Day. Write a thank you note to someone.
01/09  Make some treats to encourage someone in Law Enforcement. (you can also do the same for EMTs, Fire and Rescue)

01/10  Quarter Day. Leave quarters and a laundry mat, Aldi or vending machine
01/11   Flower Day. Distribute flowers to complete strangers at the mall or grocery store.
01/12   Support a Teacher Day. Send treats, notes, school supplies or other things to encourage a teacher.
01/13   Hold a Door Day.
01/14   Be Our Guest. Help set and clear the table.
01/15   Hide money day. Find a random place for a stranger to find money.
01/16   Practice Patience Day. Let someone merge into traffic or in front of your in line.

01/17   MLK Day. Find a way to serve your community or sign up to volunteer your time.
01/18   Donate a Book Day. Donate books to a local library or school.
01/19   Speak Life Day. Take today to not complain.
01/20  Power of Prayer Day. Pray for our nation and all elected officials to be united for our country.
01/21   Postman and Garbageman Day. Leave a note of thanks or treat for them to enjoy.
01/22   Keep America Beautiful Day. Pick up trash around your neighborhood or park.
01/23   Feed KC Day. Donate some canned goods to your local school or food pantry.

01/24  National compliment day. Take it one step further and tell someone! Share with that person’s boss, teacher or parent.
01/25  Sock-It to Homelessness Day. Donate socks or other warm items to a shelter fighting homelessness.
01/26  Jar of Joy Day. Create a thankful jar to add to throughout the year and save to open next year!
01/27  Rock Kindness Day. Make kindness stones to leave around your neighborhood.
01/28  Big Tip Day. See how far above 20% you can go with your tip.
01/29  Love KC Day. Eat and shop local to support small businesses.
01/30  Blessing Day. Buy 3 $5 gift cards and give them to strangers you meet today.

01/31  Influencer Day. Send a note of thanks to your parents or someone who has influenced you.
02/01  See a Need, Meet the Need Day. Have the eyes to see the needs of others.
02/02  3 Words Day. Share I love you with someone who needs to hear it.
02/03  Hello Neighbor Day. Wave and even say hi, introduce yourself to a neighbor.
02/04  Keep it Going Day. Continue to share acts of kindness, hope and love with others this year.

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