Saturday, November 6

So a full blown concert is happening in the parking lot of our hotel tonight! There was also a wedding at the hotel today. This must be the place to be tonight.

I am stuffed! We had dinner tonight on an open air patio at a restaurant called La Creperia. I had a steak jalapeño crêpe and for Deserved a chocolate almond crepe. This Honduran food has just been spectacular.

One thing I can tell you without doubt is that the Child Champions, area pastors and One Child workers love Jesus with every fiber of their soul! They work long hours because they know the impact Jesus has in the lives of the kids, their families and community! Here are some of the faces I’ll never forget.

And of course more soccer games broke out!

The second One Child Hope Center was located in another challenging area. Around 210 children are part of this Hope Center. This kids were learning things like sewing and bracelet making. One of the young ladies who was teaching others how to make bracelets was just 14 years old. She took her responsibility very seriously! God has gifted many of these kiddos with some incredible talents.

Our group made a quick stop for lunch at a local restaurant and our guide ordered for us! So delicious and I tried horchata for the first time… I LOVED IT!

Before we left the first Hope Center we had another opportunity to do a home visit. It was an eye opening experience cause one person asked them what was for lunch and the family wasn’t planning on eating today. We were able to bless them with a small bag of groceries. Their generosity and hospitality was unmatched as they invited us into their home.

Our first stop of the day was at a One Child Hope Center on the southern side (which is mountainous) of Tegucigalpa. It’s located in a neighborhood where gangs control who comes into the area. The site is a newer Hope Center and has 90 children but they want to be able to take in as many kids as they can. Again the gangs allow One Child to work there because of the impact Jesus has in the lives of the kids.

To some it might be cut up construction paper but I’ll still treasure it. The kids at the Hope Center showered us with confetti when we arrived, it was a special moment to see the joy in their eyes.

We’re getting ready to roll out for the day. Enjoyed another delicious meal this morning. It was my first time trying plantains and watermelon juice.

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