9:10 pm Friday, November 5

Okay wow so much to unpack from today! We visited a One Child Hope Center that was 40 minutes northwest of our hotel in an area called Comayagua, also called a hot zone because of all the crime and gang activity in the area. On the way to the Hope Center my friend Andy and I pumped up soccer balls to give to some of the kids.

The Hope Center in Comayagua has kids from 15 area villages (some from as far away as 40 minutes) and many gang member kids attend the center. Several gang members live right next to the Hope Center but crime isn’t an issue for the Hope Center cause of the protection the gangs provide. Many of the members have seen first hand the impact the Hope Center has had in their kids lives and know that it’s good for the community. God is just amazing!

The Child Champions are volunteers who pour so much of their lives into the kids at the Hope Centers because they love Jesus! They are all from the area and take the responsibility very seriously….they truly are amazing. The Hope Center has 20 computers and most public schools in Honduras don’t even have any, in fact the Hope Center was responsible for bringing electricity to the area!

Okay remember those soccer balls I told you about…the ones we pumped up on the way? Those soccer balls led to my favorite moment of the day. We played soccer with these amazing kids, in the mountains, in Honduras…I truly will never forget this! Oh and the kids were absolutely amazing!

We ate lunch with several of the Child Champions and staff members and it’s really too bad these pictures aren’t scratch and sniff cause the food was amazing! Some of the best chicken I’ve ever had!

We did a couple of home visits in the area as well. It was an opportunity to see how families live and to bless them with some supplies. William received a small gift of some legos from his sponsor and he wouldn’t set them down! I wish you could have seen the look in his eyes….his older brother also teaches his mom stories from the Bible that he learns at the Hope Center.

Before we left the Hope Center this evening they gave each of us our own soccer jersey and a homemade bag painted by members of their church! The gift was so extremely generous.

7:15 am Friday, November 5

Okay the food we’ve had so far has been outstanding! I went with the pineapple juice this morning. We’ll be loading up soon to head over to one of the Hope Centers soon.

6:05 am Friday, November 5

Good morning from Honduras, big day ahead! So I learned an interesting fact about Honduras…there is an hour time difference from KC but only until tomorrow because Honduras doesn’t recognize day light savings.

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