8:30 pm Thursday, November 4

Tomorrow we will be visiting one of the Hope Centers to meet with some kiddos. Each of OneChild’s Hope Centers is connected to a local church. We’ll distributing some soccer balls, school supplies and hot wheels. Big day tomorrow, good night from Honduras!

7:30 pm Thursday, November 4

Our group was able to enjoy a delicious dinner outside this evening. I tried the Honduran Plate and it was wonderful!

5:30 pm Thursday, November 4

We arrived at our hotel very tired from a long day of travel. It’s a very nice place and Honduras is beautiful!

4:55 pm Thursday, November 4

So we just spent an hour getting through customs and our ride has arrived!

3:35 pm Thursday, November 4

We have arrived in Honduras! Several of the Northwestern Media stations collected soccer balls, hot wheels, school supplies and more to give to kids.

12:55 pm Thursday, November 4

Boarding a new plane! Take 2 to Tegucigalpa is underway!

11:05 am Thursday, November 4

First wrinkle of the trip. We’ve been on the plane for an hour and had to come back to the gate for maintenance…ugh. However better now than in the air!

9:22 am Thursday, November 4

In Houston now preparing to board for Tegucigalpa. Beautiful sunrise on the way.

5:15 am Thursday, November 4

After a short rest 3:05 am came quick! Arrived at KCI. I’m flying to Houston where I meet up with the rest of the team. From there we’ll fly into Tegucigalpa, which is the Capital of Honduras.

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