Thanks for being part of the Life 88.5 40 day journey of kindness. Our hope is that together we can continue the joy and goodwill that flows so freely during the Christmas season. We’ll give you the chance to call 855-474-8850 and share on the air how you’ve extended kindness or what you’ve experienced. Together, we believe we can have a lasting, uplifting impact on all of the KC metro as we make waves into 2021!

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” – Bob Hope

12/28   Drop off some food to someone you know is single to encourage them.
12/29   Call (not text) a relative/long lost friend just to say hi.
12/30   Bake some extra goodies to give to your co-workers or neighbor.
12/31   Let someone go ahead of you in line of through the door.
01/01   Tell someone how special they are to you.
01/02   Mail a letter or card to someone.
01/03   Start a piggy bank for a cause that helps someone.

01/04   Compliment someone.
01/05   Clean up for someone without being asked to.
01/06   Donate old/extra toys to a family shelter or children’s hospital.
01/07   Make a list of five things that you are grateful for.
01/08   Write a thank you note to someone.
01/09  Do an unexpected chore.
01/10  Put a shopping cart away.

01/11  Hide money in a random place for a stranger to find it.
01/12   Make thank you cards for first responders.
01/13    Hold a door for someone.
01/14   Help set and clear the table.
01/15   Leave post it notes in public places with encouraging words on them.
01/16   Let someone merge into traffic.
01/17   Make a shake to share with a friend or sibling.

01/18   Donate books to a local library or school.
01/19   Take today to not complain.
01/20  Pray for our nation and all elected officials to be united for our country.
01/21   Be the reason someone smiles today.
01/22  Pick up trash around your neighborhood or park.
01/23   Donate some canned goods to your local school.
01/24  Help empty the dishwasher.

01/25  Tell a friend three things that you like about them.
01/26  Create a thankful jar for your dining room table.
01/27  Make kindness stones to leave around your neighborhood.
01/28  Stick up for a person who has been treated wrongly.
01/29  Take a co-worker having a tough day out to lunch and make them smile with a joke.
01/30  Buy 3 $5 gift cards and give them to strangers you meet today.
01/31  Send a note of thanks to your parents or someone who has influenced you.

02/01 Offer to go grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor.
02/02 Tell your kids or grandkids why love them today.
02/03 Wave and even say hi, introduce yourself to a neighbor.
02/04 Be an example of good sportsmanship while attending your next game.
02/05 Share Life 88.5 with a friend.



14 Responses to "Keep the Life 88.5 40 day journey of kindness going"

  • Debbie Humphreys says:

    Babysitting my granddaughters, ages 4 and 6. We just read through each one and where excited to apply them. To share with family and friends to all do together. I plan on calling my daughter’s each night to remind the kids what the next day of “Kindness” is. AND talk about that day’s “Kindness.” THANK YOU

    1. tjjackson says:

      Debbie what a fantastic thing to do with your granddaughters!

  • Linda Vaughan says:

    Each day asking God for a Devine appointment to share the love of Christ. To pray with anyone I come in contact with.

  • Anybody and everybody can go to “” and (it’s free) click to help fight hunger, breast cancer, feed animals, help veterans, autism, alzheimers, diabetes, literacy (give books to kids), and fund the rainforest. I click on each one of these twice a day every day (I have two browsers) because it will only let you do all of them once a day. Besides this I’m always trying to help people in anyway I can (returning shopping carts, picking up trash, and holding doors open for people-especially the elderly and handicapped.)

    1. tjjackson says:

      Jill thanks for sharing this idea and being proactive in sharing kindness!

    2. Janice Herrington says:

      I have done this daily (or almost) every day for years! It’s such a simple thing and it helps so much. When you don’t have a lot of money, it’s such a simple way to donate!

  • Just Nana says:

    I still visit my mother-in-law ‘s nursing home weekly, months after her Home-going. I let my “Home–ies” choose candy from my basket (sugar-free for diabetics), and tell them it’s Special Delivery from Jesus. What a joy to see their eyes light up! I ask if they know that Jesus loves them, and it opens a door to share that love. It’s a blast!

  • Donna Harris says:

    Saying the name of the clerk at any venue. Surprising way to acknowledge them. A smile is always effective too

  • Charissa says:

    My son was stillborn four years ago this month. Since I would be spending money on him for clothes, toys, etc. if he were here, I donate to various causes throughout the year. This year for his 4th birthday, I went to a bakery and asked if they had a child’s birthday cake waiting to be picked up. The lady behind the counter said they had a birthday cake for a 4 old girl, so I paid for that cake anonymously. Even though my son isn’t here with me, it brings me joy to be able to give back in honor of him.

    1. tjjackson says:

      Charissa what a beautiful way to honor your son’s memory!

  • Rhonda Jo says:

    I just worked 16 hrs & was going to come home and do some laundry before I went to bed. I was taking to a friend on the way home. He said get your laundry together and I’ll come get it and you can go to sleep. Things like this and other stuff like this, is why I love my best friend! I couldn’t ask for a better friend. One of the most thoughtful person I know, not just for me, he’s that way for anyone. Thank you Ron for being such a great friend.
    Now im going to bed.

  • Merrilyn says:

    I work as an in-home aide for elderly and disabled. I also am full time caregiver for my two grand boys. My husband and I had the Coronavirus over the holidays 2020. A few friends brought us food and kept us well-nourished through this rough time. God brought someone into our life to take care of us. I was so very very grateful to get the help.

  • james winsch says:

    I’ve dropped off food and milk to homeless man, standing at corner. Thankful for what God has given me.

  • Debbie says:

    My cousin’s husband was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in Aug, 2018, given 6 months to live. In Sept 2019 (13 months later) I felt moved by the Holy Spirit to begin texting them daily with scripture verses, songs, poems and each day, a prayer. He passed in Feb 2020 but I continued to text my cousin thru Sept 2020. As she begin to get thru the grieving process I texted less and less and have stopped. The amazing thing is, while I was trying to follow the Spirit’s leading and bless them, I was blessed immensely because I was spending more time in the Bible hunting verses for support, peace and comfort and praying daily for them. On Thanksgiving day, a good friend lost her mother suddenly on Thanksgiving and was devastated. So I have started the process over with her. God’s grace works in many ways!

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