His voice echos through my mind especially on a day like today when hearing that former Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer passed away at 77. No I never had the opportunity to huddle up with the Chiefs in person and hear coach Schottenheimer deliver one of his famous speeches but they still motivated my 10 year-old self. He not only helped bring winning back to Kansas City but also gave me so many memories I cherish to this day.

I remember being in Arrowhead one Monday night with my dad watching the smoke from the grills roll into the stadium and looking down on the field and seeing coach rallying the team before the game…I felt like we were the center of the football universe in that moment!

In a day when leadership was hard to find, there was no doubt during his time with the Chiefs who was looked to as the sturdy foundation they needed, coach Schottenheimer. It was said that after hearing one of his pre-game speeches players would be willing to run through a brick wall for him. The care and compassion he showed to his players is evident because his legacy carries on in many of them who are now fathers or even grandfathers of their own now and still speak of him as coach.

Coach Schottenheimer you taught us all so many lessons through the years. We learned to celebrate, how to preserve through adversity and even heartache. You taught us how to fight for those beside us and that “those two little letters, w-e we, u-s us, are powerful.” Also that we can achieve big accomplishments, “one play at a time!”

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