We’re blessed in Kansas City to have some amazing non-profit organizations who love on others the way Jesus calls us to! Together with Mission Painting and Home Improvements, you have the chance to provide a complimentary paint project to a non-profit organization. Share about a Kansas City area non-profit organization you know that is in need of painting. A finalist will be selected every Friday beginning October 9, and then you’ll have a chance to vote for the grand prize winner who will be announced on November 13.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: To care after orphans and widows in their distress…” – James 1:27

Contest Rules

#1 Finalist (Oct 9) – Friends of Yates in KCK (nominated by Bridget)

This is a domestic violence center based in Kansas City KS. They give without thought to each and every client that walks through their doors, never asking for anything in return. Not only do they provide shelter for those who have fallen prey to domestic violence, and sometime to their young children too, but they provide resources to get these victims back on their feet; and allow through the various programs, of how to deal with life after domestic violence. It is unfortunate that this organization runs month to month with funds as it is, they do not have a budget to allow for a much need paint job of the facility. They instead put funding into the assistance of their clients and get by with the way things look. After all look of the building comes well after assistance of a victim. The building they are in, probably has not been touch with a paint brush since they received it, and probably many years prior to that. I ask that you consider awarding this organization this much needed face lift. You have no idea how excited they will be if they win it, I am not even telling them, I have nominated them. I thank you for your consideration and want to say what a blessing you all are to offer this to much needed organizations.

#2 Finalist (Oct 16) – Lazarus Ministries in KCMO (nominated by Betty)

This ministry on Saturdays serve the individuals that have no home with a sit down meal and they are served by volunteers that , come to the tables and takes the order and brings the meal to them and there is also a clothes closet on the upper level where they can go and be escorted around to pick out clothing they may need. I noticed that the area for the serving the meal could use a paint job, if the walls were repainted with a brighter welcoming color this may brighten the individuals day coming into a place that looks welcoming and that way there would be a smile on their faces that someone really cares about them and the clothes closet has small rooms that could also use an uplift. This ministry has individuals that prepare the meal and there are times the volunteers that are serving prepare the meal. I hope that by reading this that this ministry touches your heart and I will be praying for Gods plan in all of this, just a reminder a smile on the families or individuals faces goes a long way.

#3 Finalist (Oct 23) – Hillcrest Transitional Housing (nominated by Patricia)

Hillcrest Transitional Housing is a wonderful organization that aims to ends homelessness. Hillcrest moves families, individuals and youth from homelessness to self-sufficiency by addressing the total life situation of the clients they serve. Using educational programs within a caring, supportive environment, Hillcrest aims to tackle the immense problem of homelessness in the greater Kansas City area.

They do this by providing not only rent and utility free living for 90 days but also by providing case management, budget counseling, onsite food pantries for tenants and graduates, Christmas adoptions for five years following graduation from their program, annual school supply drive to assist children with back to school needs and so much more. The building they opperate out of was built in the early 1900’s and although it has seen better days on the outside, it does not deture from the goodness that goes on, on the inside. It is an honor to nominate such a wonderful and deserving organization such as Hillcrest. If choosen for this gift I know they would be forever greatful. I feel personally priveledged to nominate such a deserving organization. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. What an absolute blessing!

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