God is using the smash hit “There Was Jesus” from Zach Williams and special guest Dolly Parton to touch the hearts of many people right now. In the midst of everything going on the Life 88.5 Good Morning Show with Melony and T.J. still had a chance to visit with Zach and Dolly via zoom!

So how did the whole collaboration for this song come about? Did you know each other before hand?

Zach you wrote the song so what’s it been like to have it be so well received by so many people finding meaning in it?

How cold was it when you recorded the video for the song “There Was Jesus”?


2 Responses to "Zach Williams and Dolly Parton visit with the Life 88.5 Good Morning Show"

  • Denise Cansler says:

    I came across this Video by Chance one day & played it over & over I loved it Soo much..
    I’ve always loved Dolly & Zach has such a great tone in his voice ..they were Amazing together. Brings tears to my eyes..the message is So TRUE 💞👆

  • JOYCE E KIRK says:

    A blessing to me esp today when
    there is such a feeling of uncertainty in my life.
    I may find the song and buy it.

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