Just as God used the music of Life 88.5 to shelter you from life’s storms, we want to give you the opportunity to shelter a family from KC’s REAL storms by RAISING THE ROOF! Together with Christian Brothers Roofing, you have the chance to provide a BRAND NEW ROOF to a family in need. You can nominate the family you know that needs a new roof by filling out the form below. Beginning June 19 on the Good Morning Show each Friday, Melony and TJ will announce a finalist. Each finalist will receive a $100 home improvement gift card. Then on Monday July 20, YOU’LL have the chance to vote from each of the 5 finalist.  ONE winning family will be awarded a NEW roof donated and installed by Christian Brothers Roofingthe only Kansas City Based Company in Kansas and Missouri to earn GAF’s highest Master Elite Award with the President’s Club designation for our performance, reliability and service.

“There will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and refuge and protection from the storm and the rain.” – Isaiah 4:6

Contest Rules

Finalist #1 (6/19/20)
Nominated Family: Kenneth Kunzler
Nominating Individual: Ashley Bertoncino
Kenneth’s story: On June 1st 2019 Kenny lost his house to the Missouri River flooding. The Levy’s broke and flooded the whole town. Most of the town are back in their houses with a few still living in campers beside their house. Kenny is a single dad raising 3 kids full time on his own. He has a limited income and has been doing repairs as he can afford them on his house to get his kids back in a home. I know that he would appreciate a blessing. The roof is one of the biggest issues as it has a big hole in it. He still has a long journey ahead of him. The house was all over the news when it flooded. Many families got help with the clean up from another christian community but sadly they did not have time to get to his before moving on to the next town.

Finalist #2 (6/26/20)
Nominated Family: Katherine Hurst
Nominating Individual: Becky Adney
Katherine’s story: Katherine is a single mom and lives in this home with her twin 4-year-old sons. Katherine grew up in this home and so it holds many memories with her mother, who was also a single mom. No one can remember the last time the roof was repaired or replaced, so it has been many years. The current roof leaks in several places and causes damage to the interior of the home, which damage will need to be repaired at some point in time. Katherine works from home so she can be with her two boys.

Finalist #3 (7/3/20)
Nominated Family: Janice Clark
Nominating Individual:  Tela Beaver
Janice’s story: My beautiful and giving mother Janice is a widow who resides by herself with no means to afford or make repairs for her home. Her roof has been in desperate need of repair for over the last 10 years with large cracks, holes and missing shingles that is creating damage in the interior of her home. With every rain and storm that moves in. its closer to not only more damage inside the home but health problems to my mom. She has severe asthma and the mold created from the water damage is effecting her daily living. There are days she can not breath in her home and with limited mobility struggles to be able to leave her home. My mom is my super hero, and God’s virtuous example of how a woman of God should live. Despite her health problems, she is an active member of her church in several ministries. One is the prayer chain where she actively prays for others needs several times per day. She has seen the power of God work miracles. Now its time for hers. I know her worrying about her roof is keeping her up at night. Fixing her roof would bring relief to her troubled mind and I pray she will finally get some rest and peace of mind that it is taken care of. I am not at a spot where I can help her get a new roof but pray and believe that God has a way for it to be done.

Life 88.5 Raise the Roof Contest

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