A diamond is brilliant and beautiful…but it certainly doesn’t start that way. Like an ugly lump of coal, a diamond is made of carbon. Yet after thousands of years with millions of pounds of pressure at insanely intense temperatures, carbon emerges beautifully transformed into a diamond.

But it is a “diamond in the rough.” Only the diamond cutter clearly sees what the gem can become. He studies the precious stone and takes every detail into account before beginning his delicate work. Then painstakingly, facets are formed accenting the stone’s natural beauty.

Imperfections are minimized and the diamond’s value skyrockets. This artisan understands that cutting, grinding and polishing leads to splendor. His work of art is exquisite and expensive, given to express enduring love.

Our Heavenly Father is our Master Artisan. He desires that every life experience gives us dimension. We may question why God allows global health crises, financial hardships and heartaches. If given the choice, we might choose an easy, comfortable life over a hard one. But diamonds aren’t formed under comfortable conditions.

There are millions of diamonds but only one you! You’re multifaceted, beloved, brilliant and beautiful. Though you may have difficult seasons when you feel more like a quarantined lump of coal, know that you are cherished and infinitely valuable.
It’s no coincidence that diamonds are among the hardest substances on earth. Together with other carbon atoms, they’ve endured an epic journey through crushing conditions. Their atoms have bonded together, becoming saturated and strong, forming a latticework of carbon.

Together we are facing a worldwide outbreak of COVID 19. Like carbon atoms that form a diamond, we are bonding together helping one another. We will endure despite difficult news, quarantines and shortages emerging stronger. How do I know? As believers who are called according to His purpose, God assures us that He will work even these hard things into good things (Romans 8:28). So during this national trial, let’s shine, transfusing others with hope and bringing God glory (Matthew 5:16). And for heaven’s sake, let’s be known for our love, helping others through hard times (John 13:35).

Like diamonds, we can serve a higher purpose when we allow ourselves to be used by God. Diamonds are not only stunning, they’re helpful. Diamonds are nontoxic, so they’re safe to use internally. Scientists are experimenting with the use of microscopic nanodiamonds that are 100,000x thinner than a strand of hair. Diamonds can deliver medicines to exact areas of the body, improving treatment options for everything from infections to cancer.

Like these nanodiamonds, we may feel small, but we can have a HUGE impact. We too can deliver healing hope to others. We each long for meaning and purpose…and we want to know that our suffering counts for something and our lives matter to someone. So in the end, hard trials like Coronavirus provide clarity about what’s most important in life. Clarity makes us, and diamonds, even more gorgeous and infinitely more valuable!

COVID-19 and diamonds

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