We Are Messengers latest hit song, “Power” reclaims the heart of a word. Big-hearted lead singer Darren Mulligan explains.

“We associate the word ‘power’ with an oppression – exerting your influence over someone else to make them do what you want them to do. But the power we’re talking about in this song is the power of God, which is the opposite of that. It is a submissive thing. So when we watch Jesus, and we see His life, and we see His willingness to go to the cross, we see Him submitting His will to that of the Father’s. That’s where the power of God is.”

“We find the power of God when our lives are inverted – when they’re turned upside down. When we lose our life so others find it. We have access to that power through the King of Kings, and so often our lives are so mediocre because we choose to rely on our power instead of that submissive, sacrificial love of God.”

It’s been fascinating to see the response to We Are Messengers’ rapid rise. Folks who normally wouldn’t be gushing over a CCM song are responding to songs like “Maybe It’s Ok” with such deep appreciation. You’ll often hear their songs described as authentic and real encouragement they’ve so badly needed. So did Darren see that response coming?

“I wasn’t prepared. Honestly, we’re a very blue collar band. I’ve worked hard labor jobs all my life before music, so none of that goes to our heads or takes us off the course God has put us on to reach the marginalized. But it’s an incredible honor.”

“The main reason we do these things is so we can start conversations with human beings about an incredible God. It takes all kinds to do this. So you have some people who write these beautiful worship songs for church congregations, but that’s not our gifting. Our gifting is to sing songs for the everyman and the everywoman. For the ordinary person on the street who doesn’t necessarily have this hyper spiritual experience of God. We want to draw them into a conversation about a God who is present in the every day, in the simple and the ordinary. Who is accessible.”

Darren Mulligan is the big-hearted lead singer for the chart-topping band We Are Messengers.

On the Road with We Are Messengers' Darren Mulligan

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