I never had a chance to meet David Glass personally but he sure played a big role in many of my memories growing up. While in high school I spent countless summer nights under the lights at Kauffman Stadium hoping and dreaming that one day the Royals would achieve the unthinkable, winning a World Championship.

In the early 90’s most people in Kansas City thought there was a chance Major League Baseball would contract the Royals, crushing the dreams of those young and old. David Glass played a major role in preventing that from happening allowing childlike memories to continue being made. Yeah the Royals didn’t win much growing up but it was never about the winning for me. It may defy logic but the grass is always greener, the fountains always prettier and hotdogs always taste better at the ballpark.

Each of us have unique memories that are cherished more than others. For me a lot of those memories took place at Kauffman Stadium. From attending Royals games with my dad, to a group of high school buddies, to now bringing my kids to games (yes I remember each of those games!). My grandparents had never been to a game and at their first game Bo Jackson hit a home run out of the stadium! What Royals fan doesn’t remember George Brett kissing home plate or Ken Harvey’s big hit that made us all think we could reach the stars. One of my personal favorites was in 2012 when Billy Butler homered to win the game and my two little girls jumped into my arms cheering with the bluest lips snow cones can make. Or the time when the stadium actually shook during the 2014 Wild Card game and no one on Earth could forget how 800,000 of us celebrated as one on a beautiful November day when we were World Champs!

I can’t imagine growing up without baseball and David Glass played a role in all of those memories for so many of us. Because he cared and left baseball in Kansas City in a better place than when he found it we continue to have the chance to dream. David Glass thanks for the memories and the chance to say….play ball!

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  • Ron Stern says:

    That is a sweet story, TJ. Thanks for sharing!

    One of my favorite memories as a child is going to “Camera Day” at Dodger Stadium with my dad in 1964. The fans were able to go on the field and take pictures of the Dodgers players, such as Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale! And we used actual cameras, too. ūüôā

    1. tjjackson says:

      Ron there’s just something extra special about memories that come from the ballpark!

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