Imagine darkness that seems to stretch on for days at a time –  67 days (or to be exact 1,608 hours). That’s the reality the residents of Barrow, Alaska face from the third week of November until mid January because the sun never rises. Depression and suicide are far too common in Barrow as many residents seek hope during such a dark time. What if during such a time a light of hope could be provided? Annette Vaughn, one of our Life 88.5 family members, had an idea on how each of us could help encourage the residents of Barrow, Alaska. Annette contacted their local Department of Health & Social Services and they’ve agreed to distribute cards/letters of encouragement to residents during this time. Help us show the hope of Jesus with everyone in Barrow!

North Slope Borough
Dept: Health & Social Services
Attn: Marie Monexay
P.O. Box 69
Barrow, AK 99723


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