Stop and think about the power of authenticity and the wonder of being the ‘You’ God has always meant for you to be.

Even though you and I have made our fair share of mistakes and even though we’ve acted sinfully in ways that are beneath us, Christ died for us! While we were yet sinners, He took our place, paid the payment, so that we could be free. And as we lay hold of our paid-for freedom in Christ, we begin to act, pray, love, and live like Jesus did.

It’s crucial that we shake free from our pasts! And just as crucial that we not try to find identity in what we do. Often when I’m out and about speaking at conferences and retreats, I have women place their hand on their heart and repeat after me (okay, I want you to do it too!):

I’m NOT who I was
I’m NOT what I do
I’m someone He enjoys

Say it again. And again. Remind yourself daily that you are not a compilation of your past sins and missteps. You’re not defined by your track record or your family line. What makes you special isn’t defined by what you do. What happens if you lose your job? Are you no longer special? You are priceless because God says you are! And He is the final authority on the matter!

You are someone – as far as Christ is concerned – worth saving and of great value. And spite of your weaknesses and foibles, God wants to use you to change the world.

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