Spring is finally here – but last month it was one degree and everything in Kansas City was frozen outside. I was warm and toasty inside having just watched the Disney movie Frozen! I loved Anna, the fearless princess, who journeyed to find Elsa, her estranged sister, who had unknowingly frozen the kingdom.

This tale reminds me of the Bible story of God’s chosen people who stayed frozen in the desert on a forty-day journey that took forty years because they were afraid to enter an unknown land.

It’s a paradox: to be frozen in the desert. Yet in my life I can become frozen when I’m overwhelmed or facing the unknown. I often want God to magically un-thaw my kingdom, like Princess Anna and Elsa in Frozen. At the very least I reason, He could perform another Jericho miracle where the “walls come tumbling down.” Today I reread Joshua’s specific instructions for the battle in Joshua 6:3-4:

“Here’s what you are to do:
March around the city, all your soldiers.
Circle the city once. Repeat this for six days…
On the seventh day march around the city seven times.”

So based on God’s instructions (and my math), the army was to circle the city 13 times. If it was 1 mile from the Israelite camp, 1 mile around the city wall and 1 mile back, that’s 3 miles. (Stick with me here.)

Since there are 2,000 steps in 1 mile, each soldier walked about 6,000 steps each of the 13 times they circled the city, so they each walked 78,000 steps. (Are you still with me?) There were about 40,000 soldiers, so this victory was won by 3.1 trillion steps of obedience!

Hmm…and I always thought it was an effortless victory. In fact, I’ve asked God to “bring walls tumbling down” for myself, my husband and my children. Before I pray that again, I’ll remember the 3.1 trillion steps and be encouraged to take the first God-directed step…then the next…and the next. One step at a time. Trusting. Believing. Waiting for victory yet walking!

While we all have frozen times in the deserts of our life, God is with us every step of the way. With Him we can be “strong and courageous” not “frightened and dismayed.” (Joshua 1:9) What is God calling you to accomplish today and will you take that first God-directed step?

Frozen with overwhelming responsibilities- Taking the first steps to victory

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