I don’t know about you, but I feel like time and I just don’t quite jive most of the time.  Either time is going way too fast or time doesn’t go fast enough.

As I dropped my 3 teenage daughters off at high school the other day, I had to capture the moment with a picture of all of us.  Staring at it later on, I realized all my babies are now young women starting another chapter in their lives.  Then not long after that, another, and another and another… with time never seeming to slow.

Sometimes there is something that you are excited about and really looking forward to and time can never seem to “hurry it up!”  We are remodeling a house that we recently purchased.  With being about 2-months in now of fixing this place up, I’m ready to be able to “rest” again.

Earlier this summer, it really hit me hard to strive to live in the present because time feels like it’s always going us and we just can’t “win”.

As I am living in the present, I find myself doing things like:

  • Sitting back and watching my girls interact with each, as they giggle and tease each other
  • stepping outside, pausing for a moment, taking a deep breath, closing my eyes, and lifting my face up to the warm sun and just saying “thank you Lord”
  • staring at the clouds and noticing their unique shapes and colors
  • Walking a little slower than usual and looking at each person in the eye, after eye contact has been made, say “hello” or smile.

Although time will keep moving, whether we want it to or not, we can learn to “get along with it” by living in the present.

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