Join the Life 88.5 Morning Show with T.J. and Melony each weekday in January at 6:10 am and then again at 8:10 am as they look at simple ways to address our health.

Mondays Kiersten Adkins, Executive Director, at Pathway to Hope will share some tips about mental health.

How do I tell if I have a traumatic experience that I need to address?

How does Anxiety differ from depression?

When we start looking at being healthier mentally what does that look like?

How do I know if i’m dealing with depression or situational sadness?

Tuesdays Diadra Harndin, a Dietitian, with HCA Midwest Healthcare will provide ideas on how to better prepare on the go meals.

Are there foods we can eat to help fight off cancer?

What are the best foods to help your immune system?

Can you decrease your stress by eating the right foods?

What’s the best way to pack a healthier lunch?

What’s the best way to eat to take care of our heart?

Wednesday Erin Heide, owner and certified personal trainer, with EH Fitness will tackle physical health.

How can we get more veggies in our diet?

Can drinking water really impact the health of our body?

Is it true that we can stay healthy by getting a decent amount of rest?

What are some simple exercises we can do to just get moving?

Fitness is on many people’s minds right now and a big part starts with the foods we’re putting in our body.

Thursday Wayne Geiger, Senior Pastor, at FBC Grain Valley will share some easy ways to get fit spiritually.

Have you ever turned to journaling to help you sort out your thoughts?

What does it mean to have a Christian walk?

How do we make the transition from who we think God is, to what the Bible says?

Can we really benefit from being connected to the body of Christ?

As we dig into a new year what’s one way we can get fit spiritually?


2 Responses to "A new year, a new you"

  • Nichole M Frey says:

    I believe on the 31st you had a Pastor come on and talk. He mentioned something about journalling and that there were 3 questions he asked himself as he journalled. I really enjoyed what he said but for the life of me I can not remember them. Can you please help?

    1. tjjackson says:

      Nicole take a listen to the clip with Wayne labeled “Have you ever turned to journaling to help you sort out your thoughts”. The questions are included in that clip. Thanks for listening!

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