Here’s THIS WEEK’S NAMES to play the Life 88.5 Family Name Game because at Life 88.5 we know that part of what makes life good is family and relationships, so we want to honor those you love!

Twice daily at about 6:20 am and 4:20 pm each weekday you can play the Life 88.5 Family Name Game, where you’ll have the chance to make any child in your life the star of the show. When you hear “It’s time to play the Life 88.5 Family Name Game” on-air, be the 5th caller at 855-474-8850. Each day we’ll have a different name (it can be their first, middle or last name). Not only will you get to tell all of KC about that someone special in your life, you’ll also get a copy of what airs to present to them and a $10 gift card to area Sonic Drive-Ins.

What great encouragement to share with someone special.  Be sure to share what the name is with friends, family and co-workers so they have a chance to play and win, too.

(the name must be for a person, no pets will be accepted)

Friday, May 31st – Allen

Suggest a name

27 Responses to "Life 88.5 Family Name Game"

  • Cheryl Reppy says:

    When are you going to do names that are uncommon because my son’s name is Nahshon and my niece is LaChelsa

    1. mmckaye says:

      From time to time we will have a wild card day where any name will work.

  • Stacey Knoell says:

    Will there be names that…how do I say this…aren’t so traditionally just European. You have a multicultural listening base. I doubt my girls, Alazne and Matea will ever show up on your list.

    1. tjjackson says:

      From time to time we will have a wild card day where any name will work.

  • Unknown says:

    Does it have to be a certain name?

    1. tjjackson says:

      The name will be whichever is listed for that day.

  • Fran Golden says:

    Yesterday I left a phone message about my granddaughter, Abigail. I don’t know how to play the game. Do you have to call the statin at 6:20 or 4:20? There are no directions on this site or on the phone message. Could you be more specific?

    1. tjjackson says:

      The game is played around 6:20 am and 4:20 pm every weekday. Each day you’ll hear the Life 88.5 Family Name Game announced by the on-air personality and then if you’re the 5th caller you’ll have the chance to share about the person representing that day’s given name.

  • No name says:

    Could you do a car name, like Shelby, Cooper, Hudson. Or possibly Brynley.

  • Darla says:

    name is Darla and I was divorced 2 years ago and from a long-term marriage. I had to move into a small trailer park where God sent me a man named Michael light. so thank you for choosing Michael at the name of the day God sent you to me Mike and I know it I’ve been saying that since the beginning. we don’t always see eye-to-eye but when it comes to God we share the same wonderful experiences. Thank you 88 5 I listen to you all the time many blessings to all

  • Shelby says:

    What number do you call?

    1. tjjackson says:

      The studio number is 855-474-8850.

  • Shelby says:

    Do you have to be put on air?

    1. tjjackson says:

      Yes. We love having the chance to make that special person the star of the show!

  • Darlene says:

    I let the phone ring for 8 min trying to tell about my Jessica yesterday afternoon. I lost my son 29 years ago. I was not to have anymore children. God gave me Jessica. I delivered in my car next to our church. He has kept blessing me with her and now with my granddaughter. Just had to tell my Jessica and my miracle. God bless

    1. tjjackson says:

      Darlene as much as we’d like to have everyone share we only take the 5th caller. Thanks for sharing about Jessica, she sounds like an amazing lady!

  • Melanie says:

    Here’s a few suggestions: Lucia, Miguel, Levi, and Lydia

  • Don Erckert says:

    I won’t be is a position to play this, but my son Conner is amazing! He is at Fort Hays State University, 4.0 GPA, studying Criminal Justice and Pre-Law, just got accepted for an Accelerated Masters Program for Professional Studies in Criminal Justice starting next year and will then attend Law School in 2 years. Conner had his ups/downs. When he was small, he told the pastor every children’s chat that “God created us for His own glory” without fail. He had a “Love tank” that had to be filled with hugs. But when he was in middle/high school, he was bullied. Bullied bad. When he was big enough to defend himself, 3 boys jumped him in a locker room because they could not beat him 1-on-1 anymore. Conner took it out on his siblings. He went from loving to very angry. He was very smart and would ace tests but did not do homework. He isolated himself in school. When he started his junior year of high school, he started law enforcement. That is when things started to change for him. We weren’t sure if he would do well in college because he had learned some bad habits about independent work from when he was bullied continuously. Conner had not only excelled, but as said before, he has done so 100-fold! He looks back on his life growing up and says that it has helped him become the man he wants to be. He holds no grudge against the bullies, but feels sorry for them. After we moved to Kansas from N.Y., we told him that he could be what he always wanted to be but never had the chance because of the bullies. He did, and is doing, just that. We are so proud of our son and wished to share our Conner’s brief story with you. He is truly a blessing to us from God. Even through the trying and troubling times, God helps give us strength for those who trust and put their faith in Him.

  • William Ledgerwood says:


  • Judy Robinson says:

    I was Wednesday morning , June 18th winner with the name Josiah. I was supposed to receive the recorded message via email. I have not received it. Can someone please send/resend it to me. Will it go to my junk mail or spam?

    1. mmckaye says:

      Judy be sure to check your junk and spam folder too.

  • Jessica says:

    Does it have to be a child or just anyone with the name of the day?

    1. tjjackson says:

      Jessica it can anyone with the name of the day!

  • JJ says:

    What about Christian names? I know about a dozen Eli’s. And add some racial diversity for the rest of us please. Not all of us have “Ashley” or “Logan” for a child. There are Carlos’s and LaTonya’s etc.

  • Connie Crawford says:

    Is there a way to listen to a previous recording? I would like to share a particular one (a friend) with my family that missed it.

  • Diana Naught says:

    I am trying to suggest the name Andrew but it will not let me because it says my phone number is wrong.
    Can I suggest Andrew please. Thanks

  • Jo says:

    Bummer! I just got through to brag about my Gabriel but TJ couldn’t hear me for some reason…At the age of 6, my son asked me why I didn’t believe in God. I couldn’t give him a good answer. We started going to church. Last Easter, I was baptized and publicly declared that I was born again. My son is now 15, and a smart, funny, caring compassionate son of God. I’m so proud of the man he is becoming, and know God has worked through him to save me again and again.

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