“If you pay attention…dysfunction always precedes disease. So if you can address the dysfunction you’re staving off the disease.”

Many of us carry around chronic symptoms and sicknesses without realizing where they come from. Dr. Troy Spurrill of the Synapse Center shares three common sources for chronic illnesses:

Separation from God.

When we try to fill the God hole with other things, we can develop depression, binge-eating, obesity, alcoholism, gambling, or a sexual addiction. Our hunger for lesser things is always a sign that we’re desiring God but feel distant from Him. Dr. Troy urges us to pay attention to our spiritual health and set our minds to earnestly seek God. If you need to step back and re-orient yourself, a fast from whatever you’re pursuing is a good place to start.

Separation from yourself.

Self-hatred and condemnation very often lead to auto-immune diseases, or a confused or weakened immune system. Dr. Troy cautions those who are perfectionists to give themselves more room for mistakes; otherwise they’re sabotaging their own bodies without realizing it.

“You’re basically breaking down your own defenses.”

Separation from others.

Un-forgiveness and bitterness towards others can manifest as arthritis and pain syndromes, as well as fibromyalgia. Any kind of degeneration can be traced back to relational issues in your life.

“The more bitter we are towards others, it literally speeds up our aging.”

Make a decision to release others from the sins they’ve committed against you and focus on God’s grace in your life instead.

What are some common signs or cautions to watch for in our daily health?

Dr. Troy urges us to become more aware of our bodies and how they operate, starting with headaches.

“There is no such thing as a normal headache.”

He also suggests we seek treatment for aches and pains, dark circles under your eyes, bloating after a meal, and waking up tired. God designed our bodies to operate in a certain way, and these symptoms are a sign that something is off-kilter. Making small corrections can bring our bodies back to health.

Key Scriptures: James 1:5; Matthew 6:34

Highlight : The danger of separation

Health and healing with Dr. Troy

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