Identity theft is a serious concern for many as it can cause long term financial damage. However, how often do we consider our spiritual identity?

Prayer intercessor Rosey Brausen says that the most important identity we have is our identity in Christ. However, it’s also the identity many know little about.

“The burden on my heart right now is the lack of understanding of our identity in Christ.”

Rosey references a quote from Graham Cook that says Jesus knows who we are and Satan knows who we are. We’re the only ones who are confused.

“It’s that lack of identity of our citizenship of what God actually died for that breaks my heart. People will come in and ask for prayer, and I say, ‘you’ve already won that battle, do you realize that? Satan is such an enemy that if he could have taken you out already he would have.’ So the fact that you’re in my office asking for prayer tells me that you’re already victorious. Let’s stand in that and kick the rest of it.”

Rosey points out that Satan cannot actually diminish our identity in Christ, all He can try to do is convince us that our identity in Christ doesn’t apply to us.

How do we learn to stand in the promise of our identity in Christ?

“The way I got there and the way God keeps me there is a humble repentance and confession before the Lord. ‘God, I don’t know who I am, I’m not sure how you love me, I’ve got my eyes on all of these other healings that don’t take place and I should just be concentrating on what you have for me.’ It’s pure, simple confession that comes out of a desire in your heart because you have no other wisdom.”

Today, ask God to help you just begin to understand your identity in Him.

Our spiritual identity crisis

Rosey Brausen is an advertising, marketing, and development professional, freelance writer, inspirational speaker, and prayer intercessor. She is a student of the McNutt School of Healing Prayer and has been in the healing and prayer ministry since 2002. She enjoys exercising, reading, gardening, traveling, and a really good laugh. She lives in Bloomington, Minnesota, with her husband Gary and two sons.

Key Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:1-4

Featured Songs: Do it Again – Elevation Worship; No Longer Slaves – Bethel Music; Catch the Wind – Bethel Music

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