“There is a reason the King has placed us here on this earth. It is so we can be His ambassadors in His kingdom that has already set up here.” – Thann Bennett

Have you ever been tempted to just withdraw from the world around you?

While we are tempted to avoid the unbelieving world around us, Thann Bennett says that’s not what God has called us to.

“There is a significant conversation going on in the church right now about whether or not Christians should separate entirely from society. It comes from a genuine place, but I think that’s a very dangerous road to go down. I think if you look at the full thread of Scripture, it’s very clear that we are called to be salt and light, to go into all the world.”

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light… – 1 Peter 2:9

“What does He call us? He calls us a peculiar people. We cannot be peculiar if we are withdrawn only to ourselves. Peculiar requires a contrast. We are supposed to be set apart; we are supposed to look different. We are supposed to act different and live as if we are a part of God’s eternal Kingdom. But, if we are going to be peculiar, we have to do that in the midst of society where we are planted.”

Thann says that sometimes we can be tempted to believe that we have to choose between contending for our faith or engaging for society in whatever realm of influence we are in.

“For me personally, it’s the public policy space. That can be a particularly difficult mix, but if there were no ambassadors for Christ in this place, then everyone who lives their daily lives in this realm, 9 to 5 would not be exposed to that good news.”

No matter what line of work we are in and no matter where our sphere of influence is, Thann says we all have an opportunity to make a difference for Christ.

Called to be peculiar

Thann Bennett and his wife, Brooke, live in Fort Washington, Maryland, with their three children: Jude, Gambrell, and Hope. The Bennett’s are longtime members of the National Community Church family in Washington, D.C. In his professional capacity, Thann is the Director of Government Affairs for the American Center for Law and Justice.

Key Scripture: Jeremiah 29:10-14

Featured Songs: Still – Hillary Scott; King of the World – Natalie Grant; Never Stop – Urban Rescue

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