Would you consider yourself to be a greedy person? Chances are most of us would say no.

However, according to Karen Guess, greed is one of the most common and least confessed sins. She says that we might be more greedy than we’re willing to admit.

To identify areas of greed in our lives, we should look to where we spend money most easily.

“That will reveal to us our heart and the earthly things, pursuits, and identities that our hearts are attached to, that our money is facilitating.”

It’s often easy to point out the greed of someone else. However, it’s hard to identify our own greed.

“It’s really hard for us to notice our own patterns because those things are our attachments and it’s what we feed ourselves to prop ourselves up.”

Jesus made it clear that what we treasure is directly related to the condition of our hearts.

“It’s interesting that our treasure has to go first. When the Holy Spirit brings these places of greed to our attention, it’s important for us to begin to move our money in the direction God is asking us to move it.”

Karen says that putting our money where our heart should be has a way of pulling our heart in the direction we know God wants it to go.

“It creates an environment in our heart that’s more tender to the Kingdom of God.”

Jesus said it’s harder for the rich man to enter the Kingdom than to go through the eye of a needle, but with God nothing is impossible.

“I think our part in that nothing is impossible is to recognize where we are effortlessly spending our money, see where that attaches to our heart, and then think where would God have us move our treasure in order to eventually move our hearts.”

The keys to financial contentment

Karen Guess is a former educator, Karen has spent the last eight years working closely with her father, Ron Blue, both editing and creating content for Kingdom Advisors and The Ron Blue Institute. This is their first book together. Karen and her husband have three children and reside in Clarkston, Georgia.

Key Scripture: John 1

Featured Songs: Come As You Are – Crowder; More Than Enough – Chris Tomlin; 10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman

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