More than ever before our culture prides itself on independence and individuality. However, what if we were never meant to be independent at all? 

What if we were designed by God to be wholly dependent on Him?

Susie Larson makes a case for dependence on God being a gift from Him. She shares an example of the relationship between a sheep and it’s shepherd to illustrate.

“When young sheep wander beyond their protective boundaries they get themselves into trouble and sometimes break their own legs accidentally. After rescuing the sheep, the shepherd sometimes carries the little one around his neck so the little sheep can heal, and because it’s safest around the shepherd’s neck. Over time, the heartbeat of the little one starts to beat in rhythm with the shepherd’s heart and that sheep grows a very fond attachment to the shepherd.”

The sheep was completely dependent on the shepherd, but that was the best place for it. Susie relates this illustration to her own life and wandering.

“I wandered in a differing way. I wandered by striving in my own strength. I know God didn’t give me Lyme’s disease all those years ago, but He sure did allow it. My affliction created within me such a dependence on the Lord that I now have a low tolerance for being outside of His presence. I have to stay close because I’ve been close and there’s nothing like it.”

Susie says that she thinks that sometimes God allows us to fall on hard times so that we can realize our true dependence on Him.

“Though the Shepherd doesn’t break your legs, He does allow circumstances to keep us dependent on Him. What I have learned through the things I have walked through is dependence is a gift. Whatever is chasing you into the Father’s arms, see the dependence part of that as a great gift because it is your protection. Whatever is keeping you dependent on the Lord is protecting you from something worse. Jesus wants you especially close right now. He knows what’s out there right now. He knows your vulnerabilities even better than you do so you can trust Him.”

Chances are, most of us aren’t very excited about the idea of being a sheep dependent on God. However, Susie says that we can find the true peace and security we all long for when we acknowledge our dependence on God’s loving care.

Bravely endure and believe for the impossible

Susie Larson has spoken to thousands of women locally, nationally, and internationally. She’s the author of 12 books and many articles. She’s the host of Live the Promise – a talk show heard daily right here on the Faith Radio Network.

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