I have a habit of stargazing.  Every night before bed, I find myself looking up at the night sky.  My soul opens when I see the twinkling dots that appear tiny to my eyes yet knowing they are incomprehensibly big, full of more energy than I can fathom, and older than all of human history.  For many of the stars, the light I am seeing has taken longer to reach my eyes than I have been alive.  It is desperately humbling.

I am so small.  From the star’s perspective, I am invisible.  My dreams are irrelevant.  My problems are unworthy of acknowledgement.  It is as if I am nothing.

But this star came from somewhere.  It had a moment when it somehow, even impossibly, began.  Our best explanation is that God said, and it happened.  As big as the stars are, they are small from the perspective of their Creator.

God is bigger than the biggest thing I can comprehend.  So it makes me wonder:

How much bigger is God than my current understanding?

If I am small to the stars, I am even smaller to the eye of God.  But something is different in my view of myself from God’s eye compared to the perspective of the stars.

This same Creator has given me the consciousness to realize that I am small compared to the biggest things I can know, which are small compared to the infinite magnitude of God.  The only reason consciousness of my own existence makes any sense is in the light of a deeply personal, relational Creator.  If everything about God is infinite, His ability to be intimate must also be infinite.

God is more intimate than the most intimate relationship I can have.  So it makes me wonder:

How much more intimate is God than my current understanding?

God is always bigger than I think and always closer than I think.  A thought at the collision of God’s bigness and God’s closeness is the most amazing thought you can have.  Spend time there today.  Hold the tension of a God whose size shrinks the stars to specks yet knows and cares intimately for you.

Push the boundaries of your current conception of the bigness of God outward, and pull the boundaries of your current conception of the intimacy of God inward.  Your faith won’t be able to help but grow.