If we’re honest, sometimes it doesn’t seem like our prayers don’t really make a difference. Maybe God’s too busy to listen to us anyway?

Susie Larson says that God is always listening, and He always responds, just not in the way we expect. Because of that, we have to persevere in prayer.

“Scripture talks again and again about what to do so that we can stay the course so that we don’t fall out of the race because as you look around you see people falling out of the race.”

Why should we stay in the race?

“Your race matters not just for you, but for the many who are watching you, for the many who are inspired by you, for the many who are impacted by your story. That’s why it’s a constant challenge to pull ourselves out of the smaller story so that we can see ourselves in the bigger story. Your life matters for your sake, but for the greater sake of the Kingdom as well.”

The longer we stay the course, the more responsibility God will give us because he has prepared us for it.

“For God’s people, we’re promoted up the ranks of the Army of God when we stay the course and we win our battles in prayer.”

Winning in prayer does not mean getting our way or God always answering our requests as we expect. So what does it mean to win in prayer?

“We learn how to fan the flames, how to not grow weary, and not give up.”

It is important for us to know when to say no in order to live within our limits.

“In my book Your Sacred Yes, I address the issue of running ourselves so ragged that we not only wear ourselves out, we make ourselves vulnerable. My husband and I many years ago suffered significant burn out that deeply damaged our marriage, we had to rebuild our lives very purposefully because that happened to us.”

“I feel very passionate about helping my brothers and sisters live within their limits and know that God has no limits, how we can guard our path because when we are weary and exhausted, that’s when we’re most vulnerable to falling out of the race and making choices that are beneath us.”

Your powerful prayers

Susie Larson is the host of Live the Promise and author of over 12 books and many articles including  .

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  • Jackie Beaver says:

    I want to pray for my brother who is badly on drugs it’s got my heart really heavy please pray for him thank you so much I don’t even know where he’s at now

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